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Thank you for your time and interest in JJWOLFF COUNSELING SERVICES.  Counseling services are innovative and mobile.  The focus is on  accomodating the needs of each person/family seeking services and truly "meeting people where they are".  Some of these places may include the comfort of home, the vastness of a walking trail, the quaintness of a coffee shop if so desired and so on...My main goal is to ensure comfort of each person who seeks services.  I enter your world when invited, the hustle is on my part, and we go from there.  I also have private office space in downtown Columbia.  

Having worked in a group private practice clinic for more than 20 years, my vision in creating this innovative way of working  with people holds true to the overall motto “Meet People Where They Are"  It can reduce the stigma commonly associated with the mental health arena and/or seeking counseling. Services are confidential, HIPPA compliant and mainstreamed to completely  serve those in need.  

My direct contact number is 8039179948



Life exposes us to many    challenges and  requires us  to continuously adapt.  After the death of my  father seven years ago, I  became increasingly aware  of the sacredness of our time together   on this walk called "life".  From my own struggle with grief, JJWOLFF COUNSELING SERVICES   was  formed.  With the creation of my own practice, my  vision has been that  the mode of practice  truly live up to the motto of "meeting people where they are".    At times,  life circumstances  can become overwhelming  and all of us require some sense of direction to take each step forward.      Many times, all of us just require the tools to manage.    It is important to remember that people  are not  alone in the struggle.     Simply"showing  up " and giving  reassurance that you will  "get through"  and not “ get over” can be immensely helpful.      Many times, people  just need an objective person in which to find comfort, empowerment  and a  plan of  action. 


In my thirty year plus  career span of counseling people  within the state of South Carolina and  throughout the country  especially in the area of crisis and trauma recovery, I have seen that all of us have the instinct to survive and function  to the best of our ability simply because anothers presence helped us  believe we  could  . I am excited that  my dream is now reality and I know  that I will go to any length possible to help someone is need.  As humans, we are built to connect.  Choosing a counselor is one of the  most important decisions one can make.  If I am chosen to serve, I can assure   that  my best possible  will be given and we will take the journey together...one step and moment at a time.  




  How I Can Help
Corporate and Statewide Crisis Management

Individual/Family/Group counseling

LISW Clinical Individual and Group Supervision

Workshop Presentation/Training

Program/Case Consultation

Expert Witness Testimony

Client Advocacy  and Life Coaching  

Telemental Health Services

Child/Adolescent Behavior Issues/Trauma

Threat Assessments (Workplace Violence) 

Recovery from Personal and Work Related Trauma 

Employee Assistance Provider ​

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