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Thank you for your time and interest in JJWOLFF COUNSELING SERVICES. 


 The core focus of this practice is accommodating the needs of each individual, family  group or organization  seeking services.


  JJ WOLFF COUNSELING SERVICES provides   a wide array of services  and is known for excellence in disaster management,  threat assessments (workplace violence) and assisting those exposed to work related and personal trauma.  All diverse cultural  populations are served including military, first responders, and emergency medical personnel.  

JJ WOLFF COUNSELING SERVICES  is a sole proprietor owned full  service trauma prevention and recovery practice and has been providing exceptional service statewide, nationally and globally for a number of years. Effective crisis support has been provided by this practice  in some of the most  devastating tragedies within this nation including and not limited to the  Boston Marathon Bombing, Aurora/Lafayette Theatre Shootings, Charleston Church  shooting, and Las Vegas mass shooting.  In addition, we have successfully  responded   to industrial accidents, assaults,  suicides, homicides, bank/grocery store robberies, school shootings, natural disasters, kidnappings, and hostage situations both nationally and globally.   With access to a team of trained multidisciplinary experienced  counselors  across the nation, rest assured that you are getting the best in the business when that call is made. Responses are made 24 hours 7 days a week.  


JJWOLFF COUNSELING SERVICES is  the only practice which  offers "mobile" counseling and crisis management services  and has provided support that has helped multiple individuals put the pieces of the puzzle back together should the "unthinkable" happen.  


JJWOLFF COUNSELING SERVICES offers various types of treatment 'millieus" including structured telephonic support,  Telemental Health sessions and onsite "face to face" depending on need.  


For 20 years, I worked in a group private practice where the "traditional" mental health model was used including the typical office, waiting room, etc...With feedback from folks seeking services, there was the constant discomfort and stigma associated with seeking  mental health services using that format . 

In 2012, JJ WOLFF COUNSELING SERVICES was created  and has  focused specifically on the challenge to increase the  comfort aspect , making  things  less intrusive and to "normalize" the process of receiving help.  The result was making services "mobile" and completely confidential which resulted in the motto of truly "Meeting People Where They Are".  I am constantly challenging myself to remain proactive and adapt to  making  the counseling experience an ever changing entity that is fulfilling,  comfortable and designed  to meet  individualized group or organizational needs 


My background encompasses 34 years of both clinical and administrative mental health experience in both the public and private sector and has served many populations  including the  military  in the behavioral health field.   I serve on several boards including the Association of Traumatic Stress Specialists, have trained nationally in the area of Active Shooter Post Incident Care  responding to Workplace Violence  and serve  on several EAP networks.  My most important quality  is finding great purpose in the helping role, intuitively sensing human need and engaging my heart each and every time. 


My goal is to make our time together worth your investment  and treat you as I would my own family which makes the criteria very high.    

Choosing any type of help is one of the most important investments made. 

I would be honored to be present and take that "walk"  with you




With over 33 years of administrative and clinical experience in the mental health field Jennifer provides exceptional support and care for her clients. 


Jennifer offers a variety of different services from Clinical Supervision to Crisis Response. Learn more about me by following this link below.


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