Meet Jennifer Wolff

Jennifer Wolff brings 33 years of administrative and clinical experience in the mental health field working in both the private and public sector.  She has served as the Senior Crisis Consultant for national companies, conducts threat assessments (workplace violence) statewide and nationally, serves in the behavioral health field for the SC Army and Air National Guard and has been conducting critical incident stress debriefings for the past 22 years.  She has worked actively with law enforcement, first responders and military personnel in the aftermath of exposure to traumatic events and played an active role assisting in national tragedies such as the Boston Marathon Bombing, Aurora/Lafayette theatre shootings, and the Charleston Church Shooting.  Jennifer serves on several EAP provider networks, has worked globally in the area of domestic terrorism, and has served on several speaker panels such as 'Suicide In The Workplace" and "Military Sexual Trauma". 

A board approved supervisor for LISW licensure, Jennifer has also served as an adjunct instructor (graduate level) University of South Carolina, and is a Certified Traumatic Stress Specialist and sponsor under the Association of Traumatic Stress Specialists.  Areas of speciality include PTSD/trauma recovery, disaster management, grief/loss, child/adolescent behavior disorders, divorce/custody coparenting, EMDR, and  life coaching. She has qualified as an expert witness throughout the state in domestic violence, sexual assault and PTSD/combat stress and is a freguent guest interviewer on local TV newscast such as WLTX and WIS.  Jennifer is a highly sought after counselor in the Columbia, SC area.

Jennifer is also a wife to her husband of 27 years, Rod, and mother to son Jamie, 18 years old.  

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