This morning, I interviewed with WLTX on the relevant topic of "Handling The Holiday Blues". The segment will air on Christmas Eve, December 24th and deals with coping during the holidays. BE SURE TO TUNE IN FOR SOME HANDY TIPS... THE INTERVIEW WILL ALSO BE POSTED HERE!

In a nutshell, the "hustle and bustle" of the holidays can bring about much joy and gratitude for all of our daily blessings. It is supposed to be a time of celebration and renewal. However, for many, it is a stressful period coupled with sadness and frustration especially in dealing with family conflict loss, and separation and/or divorce. First and foremost, we have to remember that holiday stress is created by our own perception of what "needs to be" rather than frequently "what is." In good faith, we can give our best effort and yet the white horse does not come riding in, people can still choose misery and unhappiness, and the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow cannot be found. Everything changes and when life circumstances change, relationships usually do as well. On a positive note, we always have the opportunity to view hardship as the vessel to strengthening. Healing does not come without pain and, in the darkest moments, it is important to remember

that time does not heal all wounds..but it will take one to another place. The core elements of this season are simplicity, enjoying our blessings, being grateful for all of it, and finding peace regardless of any circumstance. Peace does not mean understanding or even agreement... it simply means acceptance.

Wishing you all the joy and peace imaginable, Jennifer

These beautiful words were spoken by a 9 year old boy who tragically lost his mother. At the time, our conversation centered around feelings especially in the midst of painful circumstances that this life can and will bring. I was using the standard "feelings" flashcards... sad, happy, scared, mad... during our time together and he stopped mid sentence, looked me in the eye and said "Miss Jennifer, I don't understand the big deal about is just your heart talking through your eyes". Many of us struggle for years having been conditioned to believe that 'tears" are not allowed, show weakness etc... when shedding them is actually healthy for the body and the heart has to find its own voice. In his innocent wisdom, my young friend was the teacher for all of us. I have shared this story with many who are surviving the "unimaginable" or just when life can bring a myriad of emotions due to relationship loss, death of a loved one, life changes, and all of the above. I hope that in sharing stories and helpful information through my website blog that they will be give permission and validate someone who needs they need it.

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