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The "Unthinkable" has happened...once again

Another mass school shooting committed by an extremely misguided, full of rage 18 year old who lost his sense of "feeling" and his heart for humanity. It would seem that he was obviously indoctrinated from forces that convinced him that he had the right to murder our most precious commodity..our children. As a result, 19 beautiful innocent children and 2 school teachers were barricaded in the classroom told it was "time to die" and gunned down without mercy. The lives of these families and the small town community of Uvalde, Texas has been irrevocably altered permanently. It also took literally moments for the political bandwagon and human personal agendas to rear their ugly head as the speculation surfaced as to "cause". Was it the lack of Gun Control ? Mental Illness? Social Media especially the "Dark" areas? COVID fallout? A Broken System? A failed "loner" who felt it was "okay" to take his rage out on the innocent"? Loneliness? Bullying? My heart is heavy as I have looked into the eyes of those impacted from horror countless times only to try to reassure "you will get through this". Dear God, Not Again. We search for meaning in meaninglessness and sense in senselessness. Our greatest fear has now become reality...our vulnerability, our childrens vulnerability and the generations to come. The answer as to "why" is extremely complex and usually involves a myriad of risk factors and "signs"..and it is evident that there were plenty. The old cliche SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING is pretty important and yet we do not because of our greatest malady...Fear. Tomorrow, I will go on WLTX and give tips to parents on how to help their kids. Additionally, I am focused on how to help those impacted families as they deserve much more than an "I am sorry" or "you will get through this". As for any of us, that shooter was not born with that level of was developed. Maybe that is where we can start and the only lasting change will happen from an altering of one's soul and heart and that involves all of us

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