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Happy New Year! Exciting News From JJWolff Counseling

I do not believe in resolutions. Statistics show that 92 percent of people who make them actually fail by the beginning of February. Living daily with ingrained positive life style changes will be the more effective antidote for lasting results including living each day in both gratitude and joy. As 2019 kisses us hello, I am much more aware of how fleeting this life is and how connecting with and giving to each other is the key to quality of life during any stage or transition. During the past year, JJWOLFF COUNSELING SERVICES actually doubled in the number of clients served especially in the crisis management arena. As the times have evolved, the mental health milieu has transitioned also to being more "in tune" with making counseling services more mainstreamed and convenient for someone seeking help. The introduction of new strategies such as Telemental Health ("videocounseling") shows that the demand is there to completely meet people where they are...when they are there. In faith, JJWOLFF COUNSELING was envisioned to be creative, innovative and focused completely on the comfort level of the person or family in need. Engaging my heart and extending myself "non traditionally" to meet the needs of people has added to the success and I am incredibly grateful. Another year brings daily opportunity to work harder, love deeper, appreciate more, and reach out to someone at all costs...that is the answer. Simply showing up and caring...Here's to the end of an incredible year and the promising dawn of another

Wishing You All The Blessings Imaginable, Jennifer

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