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"It is Just Your Heart Talking Through Your Eyes

These beautiful words were spoken by a 9 year old boy who tragically lost his mother. At the time, our conversation centered around feelings especially in the midst of painful circumstances that this life can and will bring. I was using the standard "feelings" flashcards... sad, happy, scared, mad... during our time together and he stopped mid sentence, looked me in the eye and said "Miss Jennifer, I don't understand the big deal about is just your heart talking through your eyes". Many of us struggle for years having been conditioned to believe that 'tears" are not allowed, show weakness etc... when shedding them is actually healthy for the body and the heart has to find its own voice. In his innocent wisdom, my young friend was the teacher for all of us. I have shared this story with many who are surviving the "unimaginable" or just when life can bring a myriad of emotions due to relationship loss, death of a loved one, life changes, and all of the above. I hope that in sharing stories and helpful information through my website blog that they will be give permission and validate someone who needs they need it.

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