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"Necessary Losses"

When I was in grad school obtaining my Masters In Social Work, one of the recommended reading books was "Necessary Losses" by Judith Viorst. As I devoured the information on each page, it was evident that from the time we enter into the world 'losses" are inevitable and necessary. Our discomfort and pain is part of the process of both the healing and strengthening. Grief is another physiological process and we feel the "consequences of survival" in our body and altered existence. Yet, let's remember that all of us as humans have the instinctual drive to survive. In the current state of our COVID pandemic world ,we are seeing first hand how uncertainty grips us as human beings. We want answers, comfort and "our share of what we believe is deserved". Human beings have endured "necessary losses" since the beginning of time and have survived. Research shows that 75 percent of people exposed to chronic traumatic stress will recover well with support. A much smaller portion 25 percent will have longer term problems and those usually had prior mental health conditions or risk factors and didn't get the support required. Yes, our current world is requiring daily adapting and is changing rapidly. "Fear" based thinking results in stagnation and paralysis of our mind, heart and nervous system. "Strength " based thinking enables us to remember what and who really matters, find healing in our pain and grow from every obstacle. The path of choice is the sole responsibility of each one of us.

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