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Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Reflection and Gratitude....two powerful words that are intertwined.

During this time of year, it is common to become quite melancholy with continuous thoughts about the "should haves" "what ifs" "I must have" explain all life outcomes. My present awareness is that we really are only in control of our own words, actions and thoughts. Any life circumstance encountered dances into our world regardless of any preparation and can completely alter our beliefs and shatter any assumption of how people or our existence "should be" or "should act".

Embracing this reality based perception means failure can truly be welcomed

Strength can be found in pain and suffering

Any misconception can be alleviated of "not being good enough" or "being less than"

Wisdom from life experience becomes the blessing of "what has been" the mantra of "what is" and the anticipation of "what will be" Occurring within the time and circumstance needed

Letting go of the human need to understand and yet still embrace

Faith in God and ourselves becomes the "fuel"for our purpose

And our peace rests in that awareness alone

Ten years ago, JJWOLFF COUNSELING SERVICES was started on a "whim" and with much encouragement from others

Today, my only focus is how to serve more, work smarter, share the gift of words , appreciate more, and continue to breathe "in and out" with gratitude

And an open heart

God does the rest

Blessings abound when we learn how to just "be still and know"

To those who have reached out and Ive had the honor to 'show up" for and serve, you are the reason and purpose

From my heart and soul, I say thank you for the gift of our presence with each other,you are always enough and wishing all the most blessed holiday season,


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