Schedule of Fees

Clinical Supervision (LISW licensure)

Individual   75.00 hourly

Group           40.00 per member

Crisis Response


Onsite Crisis Management Services                100.00 – 400.00 (rates per hour) 

Case Preparation/Planning/ Coordination    50.00       

Training/Presentation(s)                                     100.00 - 300.00 hourly 

Preparation fee                                                       25.00 

Court Involvement

Expert Witness Fee                                                150.00 hourly

Case Preparation                                                    50.00  

Telephonic Support                                                25.00 – 75.00 


Phone Consultations (Telemental Health)       50.00

Individual/Family Counseling                             95.00 - 150.00 

Video Counseling Sessions                                 75.00 

Professional Consultation/Coaching                100.00 and up 

Telemental Health Services

(Virtual Sessions and Telephonic Support)

One of the  services added to the menu are sessions via “TeleMental health services or “telephonic support ” at an established convenient time.  In today’s busy world, it is periodically difficult to adjust  schedules for face to face contact and using  HIPAA compliant TeleMental health services ” or “telephonic support”  is a viable option.  In some situations, transportation and distance can be an obstacle and this option addresses that problem effectively. Telemental Health Services   can be used for a variety of issues including depression, anxiety, personal growth coaching, relationship issues,  parenting or crisis management.  It is not intended to replace any face to face time, used inappropriately  and the usage is solely  based on both the request and comfort level of the person or organization  requesting services.  


Telemental Health Services can  also be used for groups or organizations  seeking training presentations, case consultation, crisis management services,  managerial consultation/support or telephonic support

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