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Kevin Scott Taylor, Co-Managing Partner, Taylor/Anderson LLP

" I have known Jennifer for more than a decade.  We first met while working together on the Aurora Shooting matter and have stayed connected in the corporate crisis management field serving those in need.  

In mass casualty events, it is absolutely critical that the victims needs are comprehensively addressed.  These needs include mental health counseling and support and includes physically injured and non-physically injured victims such as employees, first responders, bystanders, family members of those impacted and management.  

Jennifer has the unique ability and expertise to address all those needs and does so in a manner consistent with both outstanding mental healthcare in a forensic/legal setting.  Jennifer's ability to organize and serve all those in need while closely coordinating with the legal team sets her apart.  She has been invaluable in helping survivors exposed to the "unthinkable" and her compassion, professionalism, ethics, diligence and communication skills are unparalleled.  

Jennifer is a "must call" when there are mass casualties which concurrently require legal representation and premium mental health services" 


I first met Jennifer in a social setting as she is great friends with one of my dear friends. We made an immediate connection as Jennifer is one of the most calming individuals I have ever met. Truly, Jennifer could talk about anything and just her soothing voice lets you know that everything is going to be okay. My second exposure to Jennifer is when I reached out on a personal matter. Jen doesn’t usually accept friends as clients, but she made an exception and agreed to an initial meeting. She provided great guidance and again, her gentle style reassured me that things would be fine. Lastly, I reached out to Jen to see if she would entertain preparing a one hour webinar for my attorney customers. The South Carolina Bar requires one mental health hour from their licensed attorneys as part of their continuing legal education. This was a great opportunity for me to provide something of value to my network of customers.  Her presentation was terrific and we received great positive feedback from our attending audience. Jen’s mission statement “Meeting People Where They Are” runs so much deeper than just accommodating one in a physical location. She commits to meeting people at any emotional level they are comfortable exposing. She really is a hidden gem and we are blessed to have her as a resource to our community and I am doubly blessed to have her also as a friend.

Marybeth Meyers, VP/State Manager

Fidelity  National Title Insurance Company

"....As part of this resilience program we are often invited to seminars – workshops and to attend panels of experts to discuss issues and train individuals . Jennifer has attended several of these expert panels talking to  large  varied audiences from the leisure industry held in Las Vegas to  educational groups like annual University risk manager seminars in Florida . Some having  experienced Active shooter crisis events in the recent past .


She has  been invaluable in her understanding of the issues relating to these events and being able to articulate  her experience and knowledge to an audience , ultimately making them more resilient and prepared should the unthinkable happen


We at AIG would hope to continue to work with experts like Jennifer Wolff as we understand that financial risk mitigation ( Insurance cover )  is merely one aspect of a complex people risk solution"

Paul Mills

AIG Global Security

"In August of 2018 Ms. Jennifer Wolff helped facilitate and teach the 25 chaplains of the South Carolina National Guard in a class entitled Crisis Ministry. In this class she covered: normalizing, ensuring basic needs are met, crisis/traumatic event management practices, counseling tips, barriers that hinder the counseling process, self-care, and recognizing signs of compassion fatigue.  

Her input and experience was critical in the success of this class.  It was truly a blessing to have Ms. Wolff contribute so much of herself to the chaplain corps of South Carolina."

CH (CPT) John Denny

Support Chaplain, SCNG

"During a very low point in my life when I needed someone to help me get through a traumatic time, I went to see Jennifer Wolff. She was open and honest with me so, it made me comfortable to be the same with her. She helped me learn skills I needed to move on in my life.  


After getting married, my wife and I went to see Jennifer. Through her counseling we were able to communicate more openly. We will celebrate nine years of marriage soon and every day we use the tools she helped us to learn. 


Because she is so passionate about her work, we can’t say enough about the positive impact she has had on both of our lives. That is why we have recommended her to our family and friends."

Jimmy and Nickie

"I have referred clients to Jennifer Wolff for a number of years. She has been particularly helpful with counseling women in abusive relationships. I am told by my clients that Ms. Wolff is helpful, patient and kind. She is a practical counselor that offers real-solutions and helps guide her clients to sound decisions. Ms. Wolff is not insistent in meeting in a sterile environment which my clients appreciate so much. An informal conversation in a coffee shop can feel much less intimidating particularly to those in crisis."  

Anonymous Midlands Attorney

“Jennifer Wolff has been a wonderful asset to First Sun EAP. I have been impressed by her responsiveness to our client companies in need of onsite support, as well as her professional savvy to navigate changing situations. There are employers who know her work and will ask specifically for her. Jennifer makes our EAP look good. We don’t hesitate to call on her.”

John Arnold




"Thank you for your dedication to excellence in trauma treatment and services, and for your continued professional development in this critical field.  Congratulations again on your outstanding achievement and recognition as an international trauma specialist!"

Jayne G. Crisp, CTS, Administrator

Association of Traumatic Stress Specialists

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